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Nashville, Tennessee

Equality: We will recognize the individual rights of all members of the community and always endeavor to treat everyone with justice and respect.

Truth: We will make accurate claims to our customers and use only real testimonials when advertising all aspects of the services we offer.

Honesty: We will treat everyone fairly and guard against any behavior that could misreprresent or have the effect of misrepresenting our services.

Integrity: We will obey all federal, state and local laws, and our own performance standards.

Cooperativeness: We will support a healthy environment by cooperating with our customers, the City of Metropolitan Nashville, other businesses, and anyone who would benefit from an ethical system.

Regulation: We will self regulate to abide by all City of Metropolitan Nashville codes. We will ensure that our services will not be hazardous to public health or safety, and seek to resolve, in a fair and expeditious manner, any disputes that may rise.

* Adopted from the Better Business Bureau Code of Ethics

Our Service

Volunteer Taxi seves Nashville and the surrounding area

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of ...